New York, NY

Best Natural Light Tips

Professional photographer Sergey Makarov was featured in the latest Shutterstock blog post
Image by solepsizm. Gear: Canon 5D Mark III camera, Canon EF 70-200 f2.8 IS L lens. Settings:Focal length 200mm; exposure 25 sec; f10; ISO 100.
I have taken tons of photos of this house at different angles. When my client asked me to take photos for advertising purposes, I chose to shoot during the daytime, and I made commercially successful and technically ideal pictures. But later, I was passing by this house in the rain, and I decided that this was the perfect moment to make another shot—this time, an atmospheric shot to show the warmth and comfort inside while outside we were in the middle of a chilly, gloomy fall.

This photo became one of my favorites. When your eyes see only gray colors and darkness, and your inner voice says, "there is nothing special to shoot here," that means it's the right time ask yourself this question: "What does my camera see here?"

Pro Tip

When working with natural light, it is very important to have patience and the will to experiment. So my tip of the day is this: Choose a house or a landscape — any scene that you really like. Make a shot early in the morning, then shoot again during twilight, in the rain, during a snowfall, in the mist, at night, etc. Keep an eye on how the atmosphere of a shot changes with the light. Sometimes you just have to wait for the proper light at the proper time. Repeat the shoot all over again from a different angle. Let that be your photography workout. By challenging yourself, you will see how your photography technique improves and changes with time.