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10 Expert Tips For Stunning Interior Photos

Take your shootings skills to a new level

Do yo want to shoot interior like a professional photographer?

I bet you saw many times beautiful pictures in magazines and newspapers.

If you wonder what it takes to make them, check out this article! Here we will uncover some basics which will help you to create really great works.

1. Pay Attention To The Light

When it is possible, try to use natural light. Better turn off all lights as they create shadows and make the colour look different. If you don’t want any artificial yellow or fluorescent lights on your photos, remember to use only natural light. Of course, there are tiny rooms which don’t have windows so you have little options to play with the light here. So try to see if you can use a flash or even several of them to create a maximum possible natural atmosphere. In other situations, try avoiding flashes, too.

It is important to add, that sunny days are perfect for the real estate photos, they are not so well for the interior shootings, as direct sun light creates too short distinction between lights and darks on the picture. It is better to choose overcast days with clouds creating natural softbox.

2. Focus And Exposition

The second important part after finding the right light is to fix the focus and to make the right exposition. Remember about forming the right space and making it look natural but avoid leaving free unused space. Usually such “holes” look a bit rough and they misbalance the whole image.

3. Style Up

The best interior photos which you see in the magazines are carefully styled. Usually professional interior designers work with the space creating the right view. Here are the basic steps to follow in styling the space:

  • Take away all clutter

  • Print out or draw the interior which should be presented on your photos

  • Take a precise view on all the details

  • Make test shot and analyze the image

  • Delete all unnecessary elements or those things which make your picture look heavy.

Following these steps will help you to create the right image and to transfer it from your head to the reality.

4. Experiment

There is no better way to find your style and make good shots that experimenting! Use different angles, views, go wider and closer, experiment with the light and exposition. It is always worth trying and you will guaranteed get some really stunning shots. Just give freedom to your imagination.

5. Use Tripod

It is very comfortable to use and to create strong shoots with longer exposures. Any type of tripod will help you to shoot with high ISO and reduced noise. Moreover, you can take your time and concentrate to stage the right shot. Besides that, it is easy to analyze everything on the picture and perform some actions:

  • check the right light

  • take away all clutter

  • prepare the composition

6. Go Wide

Using wide angle will make your interior photos look impressive, however, be careful to keep the geometry in a right way. Try to focus on the main objects which form the photo. Remember that you don’t need to show everything. Put all the objects according to your idea and see if everything looks in line with each other.

7. Find Personal Style

It is worth saying that in photography there is no such things as strict rules. There are numerous guidelines which you can follow choosing the Tips which suit your vision and which you simply like. It is worth trying different techniques and find your personal style.

8. Pay Attention To The Lines

The golden rule for any photographer is to keep vertical lines vertical and to keep horizontal lines horizontal when capturing a one-point perspective. Take some test shots to see if the perspective is kept in a right way and check the alignment. It should be perfectly correct for all the relative positions. Of course, some lines can be corrected while post-production process, however, try you best to keep the geometry in a right way already in the shot.

9. Shooting Series

If you plan to make a series of photos, try shooting them from the same perspective. It will be much easier and organic for the person to overlook the photos, which will create a natural series and represent the same living space.

10. Go Closer

Even if you take interior shots, it doesn’t absolutely mean that you have to stage full scale photos. Sometimes it is nice to focus on the details and make some stunning close-ups. With such shots, it is easy to capture the mood of the space, representing the details. What is more, it is easier to point the view at the exact details.

Few Words As A Conclusion

I hope these easy but effective Tips will inspire you to take your camera and to start experimenting on your shooting. Use RAW format files, as it keeps all the information of the process and you can work more attentively with every single picture while your editing process. 

Good luck with your interior shooting!