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You can get 47% Higher Price On Your Real Estate Listing and sell faster

The millennials generation is getting older and they have already become an active buyers in many segments of retail, fashion, cars, and is gradually growing up to the age of purchase of the first real estate. In two years, the number of millennial customers will increase significantly, including in the elite real estate segment.

Technological Era

It is rather obvious that 99% of millenials are looking for their future home/apartment on the Internet. There are many options and many choices and buyers can have a look at different offers and make a decision.

According to NAR, almost 99% of millennials are looking for an estate on Internet. It has become the primary option in obtaining an estate. Moreover, when homebuyers look for real estate, forts of all, they pay attention to pictures. Here a good and qualified picture plays a very important role. Having qualified and good pictures of your property will help to gain ore clients and make your estate to be bought fast. For more info, check Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends Report 2017

Pictures instead of words

Most buyers, before making a decision, first of all, take into consideration, the photos of an estate. Many years ago, people were selling their estates on the newspapers, but now the times have changed. Here comes Internet. With the help of the Internet and with the help of interior design photographer, it is easier, faster and profitable to sell your property online. Check In Real Estate, A Picture is Worth $1,000 or More

HQ photos

Homes with high-quality photos receive 47% higher asking price. Everybody has a look and the first glance always at photos of a certain estate. If you can not figure it out by yourself, you can hire a real estate photographer. Check more information Real Estate in a Digital Age Report 2017

Invest in professional photography

If you think that you can take your latest iPhone and take pictures of your estate and get amazing photos- you are mistaken. Nothing can be compared with the experience of a professional interior photographer. Professional photography from $ 89 per photo session is a reasonable investment, the results of which are immediately visible.

With professional photographs, agencies received more offers for the same property and recorded 1.8 times more sales per semester.